Floranthropy brings social responsibility to your celebration or event. We pickup and deliver event floral arrangements to re-purpose them in local hospitals, shelters, nursing homes, schools and other facilities. Many hospitals and social service centers do not have donation sites and do not provide pickups. Our donation pickup and delivery service provides you with a one-stop solution for giving green. Recycle and re-purposed your floral arrangements today.  If good karma isn't enough, it’s tax deductible too!

• Donate Wedding & Event Floral Arrangements
• Donate Corporate Event Floral Arrangements
• Donate Bar & Bah-Mitzvah Floral Arrangements
• Fundraisers: Online Donation Drive & Registry (Coming Soon!!)
• Provide Tax Deductible Receipts

***All Donated Flowers Must Meet Our Flower Integrity Standards***

Contact us today!  floranthropy@gmail.com
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